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Initiatives & rebirths

Updated: May 19, 2020

Written on May 12th, 2020

The self-employed lifestyle always seemed to be the blame for my inconsistencies. With so much freedom, so many thoughts and ideas occupying my mind, holding myself accountable through a covenant with the blogging world sounds like a logical thing to do. We all find our own ways to create more structure in our lives to achieve better results. I have tried many ways and have failed numerous times. The most efficient method to my progress so far seems to be self-inflicted fear. Nothing has been more efficient than operating under the fear of disappointment, failure and above all, the fear of regret. ''Regret'' seems to be the most prominent one, which clarifies why I am always in need of instigating new projects. Ending my days without any what-ifs is partly my vision of what heaven could be. The forced confinement caused by this Covid-19 pandemic has allowed me to do a great amount of introspection. After being inspired by the wise words of Seth Godin, I have decided to start a blog to share some random daily thoughts for the rest of my life. 7 in the am is the title, but do not let that fool you, I am not a morning guy. Night owls are first served.

''Ending my days without any what-ifs is partly my vision of what heaven could be.''

- 7 in the AM

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