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Some Weather Nonsense – PART 1

Written on May 22, 2020

Today was a beautiful day. As I was walking in my neighborhood, I asked myself if there was such a thing as the perfect weather? You know, the type where the temperature, humidity, wind speed, sky condition and the rest of the meteorological family all meet up at a special place called: The Sweet Spot. I am talking about a time where all of the climatic parameters are meticulously organized to produce the type of day that gives you a wide selection of clothes to wear. A day where you get the chance to either put on the long sleeves or rock the tank top. Better yet, where you can slide in your favorite pair of jeans or wear your poom-poom shorts. The type of weather that will make a cold drink taste like heaven, even if it is the exact same as the one you ordered the night before. Good weather can be described as nice, sunny, beautiful, etc. However, have you ever been in awe of an atmospheric masterpiece? A unique scenario that leaves no place for complaining nor whining about the climate being too hot, cold or dry. The picture I am painting here is one where we are walking in the streets with the delightful affirmation that everyone has been contaminated and embellished by the outdoors’ flawlessness. A time where people appear to be more beautiful, more joyful and where nature’s colors appear to be more vivid. Where birds and truck engines put their obvious differences aside to sonically create an impossible euphony. A miracle-like episode in which mosquitoes celebrate stingless day and where Haitian moms are exempt from shouting insults at their children for being out past curfew. A fantastic 24-hour time frame where the pool thermometers are displaying the ideal mercury level. Have you ever experienced the perfect weather?

''Have you ever experienced the perfect weather?''

- 7 in the AM

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